Health and medicine

The health system, as an important economic factor, exposes all those involved in the respective industries to a large number of dynamic, constantly changing laws. Complex interrelationships and the enormous importance of consulting for clients make this area of law an exciting challenge for every lawyer.

With clients from a variety of industries in this field, we have extensive experience that allows us to take on a wide range of perspectives. We focus on health insurance companies, IT service providers in the medical-pharmaceutical environment, health insurance associations, medical software developers, clinical research organizations, medical device manufacturers and medical networks (MVZ). Among other things, our services cover the following legal areas:

  • Contract design in the SGB V environment
  • IT legal advice and design of IT infrastructures for health insurers (deletion concepts, eGK requirements, subcontractor compliance)
  • Data protection management for health data in a regulatory and international context
  • Comprehensive legal support for marketing campaigns
  • Competition and antitrust contract design and litigation
  • Procurement law