Compliance Consulting

Compliance consulting means enabling companies to comply with all laws that are relevant to them. Compliance consulting is therefore always process-oriented in order to enable the company to achieve this goal and maintain it in the long term.

MKM’s services therefore cover a wide range of measures and consulting fields to ensure corporate compliance:

  • Compliance Management Systems (CMS)
  • Internal control systems according to the German Stock Corporation Act (IKS)
  • Training and consulting for compliance officers
  • Corporate Governance
  • Criminal Compliance
  • Introduction of whistleblowing systems
  • Takeover of whistleblowing hotlines
  • Corruption monitoring
  • Data protection management systems
  • Business secret protection
  • Tax Compliance

Our compliance consulting services

MKM advises and accompanies the establishment of process-oriented control systems that ensure the compliance of individual company divisions. We advise management and board members on legal risks and facilitate active, liability-avoiding risk management for boards and executives. In particular, this includes establishing and advising on the following control systems:

  • General compliance management systems
  • Data protection management systems
  • Whistleblowing hotlines including takeover of the hotline by MKM
  • Money laundering and corruption monitoring
  • Protection of company data and business secrets

Compliance consulting includes assisting clients with documentation, reporting or professional communication in challenging situations:

  • Compliance Manuals
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis
  • Compliance check for companies
  • Compliance training and helpdesks
  • Compliance checklists
  • Labor law compliance in contracts and sanctions
  • Internal Investigations
  • Crisis communication
  • Advice on public prosecutor investigations
  • Special regulatory audits
  • Tax investigations and audits

Our compliance team

Depending on the area of expertise, the following lawyers will advise you on compliance issues:

Lawyer Stefan Mörtel, specialist in tax law:
Corporate Governance, Tax-Compliance, Internal Investigations, Criminal investigation, Money laundering

Lawyer Thilo Märtin, specialized in industrial property law:
Data protection compliance, Whistleblowing, Crisis communication, Business secret protection

Lawyer Sven Sperling, specialist in labor law:
Labor law compliance issues, Data protection compliance