Data protection law

Data protection compliance and legal disputes on data protection are becoming increasingly important. The damage potential for companies has increased enormously due to high fines and damage compensation proceedings and we believe it will continue to increase.
Increasing case law and internationally coordinated activities of data protection supervisory authorities require constant monitoring and debate in order to always be up to date on the topic. Our team of data protection lawyers consists of specialists for individual areas on which they focus in order to present our clients with solutions that are always one step ahead.

Arguing can be rewarding

Data protection issues are often still controversial and the supervisory authorities in particular often advocate strict interpretations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where it is worth questioning or arguing for solutions. This also applies to legal disputes over fines, the legal imposition of which is still controversial in German law and is also only being tried by supervisory authorities in the courts. Measures taken by supervisory authorities should therefore not always be accepted without complaint.

Data protection law – a development over the last 10 years

In the 1990s, data protection was almost exclusively an IT-related area that was almost never dealt with by lawyers. Thilo Märtin has been working as a data protection consultant since 2004 and has seen how data protection has been handled more and more frequently by lawyers and less and less by IT specialists. In particular, the reforms of the Federal Data Protection Act of 2009 and 2010 have made legal considerations and subsumptions become increasingly visible.

With the introduction of the GDPR, the topic was then elevated to a legal-abstract level, which has made it almost impossible to fade out the legal aspects in the data protection consulting field. Therefore, nowadays comprehensive data protection consulting always requires legal assessments.

The counsel provided by MKM Datenschutz GmbH and MKM + PARTNER Rechtsanwälte is therefore a unique feature that comprehensively relieves our clients of data protection tasks.

Courts and supervisory authorities

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If you have any questions on a topic or need an initial consultation, please contact our colleagues Thilo Märtin or Fabian Dechent. We look forward to your call.