Copyright Law, New Media

Intellectual property rights include and protect significant corporate values. Copyright acts as a  “watchdog” that protects values that are not covered by registrable intellectual property rights.

Especially in the digital environment and on the Internet, the preservation and enforcement of copyright is a particular challenge that we are happy to take on. We will assist you in the negotiation and transfer of these rights as well as defend you against infringers.

The protection of business and trade secrets and its international enforcement is just as much part of competition law as a legally compliant website or online marketing.

Our services:

  • Design of transfers of rights, nationally and internationally
  • Drafting of licensing agreements
  • Examination of the character of the product and the use of copyrighted content in various forms and media platforms.
  • Evaluation of competing computer programs and databases in the context of copyright and antitrust law (Section 69e of the German Copyright Law)
  • Accompaniment and representation in copyright law infringement matters.
  • Defence and counter-attack in the event of copyright infringement (warning notices)