International contracts and drafting of general terms and conditions

Contracts are an integral part of good advice in order to avoid legal disputes later on. In addition to current case law, requirements from other areas of law, and individual wishes of the parties, a contract must above all fulfill the objectives of the parties. This requires a consistently personalized design from the very beginning.

Most legal transactions are concluded with the help of General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Like contracts, these are very specific matters, which must accurately reflect the user’s processes. In addition to taking into account the specific German GTC jurisprudence, knowledge of the underlying legal areas and current case law is necessary to create effective contracts and regulations.

Drafting contracts is one of our main tasks. We adapt the general terms and conditions as well as the design of contracts to suit your individual workflows and processes. The design of contracts between internationally operating partners is a daily activity for us. And with the help of our worldwide network of partners, we also take into account the respective national law, if need be.

We look forward for your challenges.