IT Services

IT infrastructure is an essential core of the global economy and, for this reason precisely, has increasingly become the subject of legal consulting and debate. Our IT law group keeps an eye on current case law on contractual issues and damages litigation in order to incorporate the results into contractual clauses.

For IT service providers, interdisciplinary topics such as licensing, copyrights, or critical infrastructure handling are important. It is not uncommon for IT service providers to also be telecommunications service providers and to be confronted with issues arising from the Telecommunications Act. It is the task of our lawyers to understand the interaction of the various legal fields and to classify them for our clients.

Data centers as critical infrastructure

Data centers are at the heart of digitization and are therefore increasingly becoming the focus of regulatory and legal requirements. Regardless of whether these are built in countries with low taxes, with cheap electricity or “good” legal framework conditions: the customers place high demands on functionality and compliance.

In order to properly position data center companies, the drafting of customer and supplier contracts and the monitoring of external audits require therefore special attention.

As lawyers, we have specialists in IT law who understand and speak the language of IT professionals. Try us out and get in touch. The following colleagues will advise you on this:

Lawyer Andree Hönninger, IT law specialist
Lawyer Stefan Mörtel, IT law specialist
Lawyer Thilo Märtin, Focus on the law of data