Customs law

In times of increasing globalisation, customs law is becoming increasingly important. Customs law deals with all legal issues relating to cross-border trade in goods, which is controlled by customs.

What at first glance seems like a simple movement of goods from A to B is not insignificantly complicated by the extensive customs regulations. As a result, international companies operating across borders are facing numerous legal challenges.

In many cases, the company’s lawyers do not provide customs advice or the last update of customs procedures was long ago. As customs audits have increased in recent years, customs advice is more important today than ever.

At MKM + PARTNER, we support you with our expertise and advise you on all customs-related issues. Our services include among others:

  • External customs audits according to the Foreign Trade and Payments Act
  • Customs tariff processing of import of goods
  • Consultation in all matters of customs law
  • Legal representation before customs authorities and tax courts