Commercial Criminal Law

Business life is becoming increasingly fast-paced, diverse and complex, and with it the associated white-collar crime.

Particularly due to the threat of fines and penalties, some of which are severe, for companies and executives in the event of violations of the numerous relevant (criminal) regulations, it is essential to raise awareness in this area. In addition to the criminal offences under the Criminal Code, especially in the area of asset offences, there are numerous ancillary and extra-criminal regulations for business enterprises and their managers that must be observed.

Even before the initiation of preliminary proceedings by the public prosecutor, comprehensive preventive advice on criminal law is just as important, taking into account the individual case, as efficient representation of interests in investigations that have already been initiated. For this reason, MKM + Partner works closely with our experts in compliance advice, particularly in the area of (criminal) preventive advice, in order to avoid conduct that is subject to criminal penalties or fines in advance.

In addition, especially breaches of administrative offences law hit companies and managing directors unexpectedly and with a certain (financial) severity due to numerous regulations and legal provisions.

In a large number of cases, the confiscation of proceeds of crime is also ordered, which represents an additional financial burden for the company and its executives. Here, too, comprehensive advice and representation by a specialised lawyer are indispensable in order to work together efficiently on suitable solutions.

In addition to the defence in criminal or administrative offence proceedings, our area of expertise in the field of commercial criminal law also includes the advice and representation of our clients who themselves become the victims of a commercial offence.