IT law and Internet law

Internet law

Nowadays the Internet has become a cornerstone of our society and presence of the law in this environment is thus vital. For companies, legal security plays an important role in e-commerce or in the use of multichannel marketing tools. Data is transmitted worldwide twenty-four seven . The Internet not only offers immense opportunities, but also poses legal challenges for companies. Even though we often talk about ‘internet law’, it is not an independent legal field. On the contrary, numerous rules that come from different areas of law must be observed, such as copyright and competition law, trademark and data protection law – to name a few.

Liability issues play a central role for every website operator. The practice of warning notices and cease-and-desist declarations is widespread in this area.

Our services:

  • Drafting and auditing of General Terms and Conditions
  • Defence against warning notices and cease-and-desist declarations
  • Defence against or enforcing liability claims
  • Competition law-based examination of advertising statements
  • Intellectual Property
  • Out-of-court and judicial representation

IT law

IT structures and software are the core of many companies these days. IT law regulates the digital world. This is a legal matter which is made up of many different areas of law. Important roles include telecommunication law, telemedia law and data protection law. In IT projects, the outsourcing of company IT and the transfer and use of software, further areas of law become relevant: competition law, contract law and company law are only few examples.

Your corporate IT and innovations deserve the best legal protection. MKM+PARTNER offers tailor-made solutions for this purpose, especially for software contracts.

Our services:

  • Design, negotiation or modification of software contracts, in particular
  • Sales/acquisition of individual software (e.g. contract-based software development or project contracts).
  • Distribution/acquisition of standard software (e.g. software purchase), other software license agreements (e.g. software rental) software maintenance or service contracts
  • Design and review of your distribution contracts and the Terms and Conditions on your website within the framework of the e-business for the areas B2B as well as B2C
  • Advise of companies on the requirements of data protection law, the law of new media and all that in the context of the electronic commerce.